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Himalayan Salt Crystal Stone

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This products is not even wonderful but excellent as it has brought life back to me since April 2010. I was HBP and on drugs throughout for about one year and now since April it is a gone case. I was hypertensive but now I am able to cool myself. Joints pains, Eyesight problem, they are gone and am able to feed well. I would recommend to anyone with any ailment to give it a try together with the water therapy. Thanks Leonard and keep it up

Ndiangui Waiganjo Anthony

Iam Cassius Otieno Okuto An herbal doctor by profession of oasis herbal clinic in kitale, I’ve been in this field for the last 8years. But I discovered the magic in Sileo Salt and water, when my mum Rose Otieno was diagnosed as having diabetes mellitus and rheumatoid arthritis and after 2 months of treatment using Sileo crystals and water therapy, recently she went on her routine check up, the doctor was amazed to find that it had cleared. Another patient in my clinic was diagnosed with allergy and respiratory ailment and on taking the Sileo crystals plus plenty of water, she has so far recovered. In fact my main objective is to teach people on the importance of natural salt and water in the treatment of all diseases. Let people have knowledge on how their bodies function; I encourage all to use sileo products and the amazing power in taking a lot of water. And it can treat not only diabetes but also HBP, arthritis, cancer, asthma plus many other chronic diseases.

Cassius Otieno Okuto

I was introduced to Sileo company k ltd by a pastor friend while leaving at Marura nursing home. I was suffering from ulcer and haemorrhoids and when i told him about it he told me that Sileo natural salt could cure all the diseases i was suffering from. I have been using the natural salt and the natural salt crystals for one month and i have seen great changes, i have not visited the hospital since i started using the Sileo natural salt products. The pastors’ wife was suffering from fibroid but after using Sileo natural salt she got well and her father was also suffering from cancer and also got well after using Sileo natural salt products. When i visited Sileo Company and explained all that i was suffering from, they gave me a glass of water with one teaspoonful of sole but i vomited, but i can now take the solution and experience no side effect.

Christine Nyaga

The person who introduced me to natural salt is a personal friend. When he saw me suffering from acute gouts, he advise me and When i started using the Natural Salt all the deformation which i had from acute gouts started getting healed. I got good result, i was not eating some sort of food but when i used Sileo Natural Salt i got the appetite to eat even the food I could not eat. Now the man disappeared completely, but i had no Telephone number for the Company. I went to the internet and got the company Number their details and that how i got to the Company. My advice to others is to shift from the Common Salt they have been using to Sileo Natural Salt because is beneficial.

Nicholas Leshinka

I have just talked to you about the salt. How much is a carton is and how much do you want us to sell it now since it is in the market. I am out of Nairobi now but I would really want to talk to you about the salt. It has really helped me.

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