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Himalayan Salt Crystal Stone

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We at Sileo Company Kenya Ltd take this opportunity to thank all our partners and Distributors for their support and contribution for the success of Sileo Company Kenya Ltd. These collaborations have greatly contributed to our success over the years and their support is greatly appreciated.

We are in the process of developing new, and strengthening existing partnerships both nationally and globally because the special expertise and vital contributions of each partner is instrumental in the growth and smooth operations of Sileo Company Kenya Ltd.

Sileo Company Kenya Ltd is looking for more partners who are willing to embrace our vision of living younger, stronger, longer and healthier lives using a holistic method that gives and sustain life.

We are also looking forward to partner with companies, educational institutions and associations who will actively encourage their employees, students, and members to join this vital effort to change and better the world. They should be willing to provide relevant information on the value of thoughtful use of salt/water solution (sole) as the only way to sustain a healthy life.

Our success will depend upon a massive volunteer force that will collectively contribute to research on the relationship between water and salt in our body and the damaging effects of thirst to the human body. We shall utilize the research conducted by our volunteer partners to keep our knowledge at the highest standard and use it to better the world with the aim of a shaming the devil.

If you are an individual or Company that would like to share in our Mission and Vision and are willing to embrace our philosophy to utilize water and salt as a stronger tool of living younger, stronger, longer and healthier lives are welcomed to please complete the form below.

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