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Himalayan Salt Crystal Stone

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Customer Service

At Sileo Company Kenya Ltd we have set ourselves and the values that our customers come first.

We value Quality, Relationship but most of all we value you.
Our Customer is always the primary importance all the time, our main customer includes the distributors, wholesalers and the end consumer;


the basic principle that we are engaged in is to be honest; People Oriented, People are our most valuable assets. We want to give everybody a chance, help individuals to promote their abilities and realize one's own value and ideal;

Team Spirit

Good cooperation between us (Sileo Company Kenya Ltd), the suppliers and the consumers helps build a strong and healthy team.

Learning & Innovation

Studying actively, yearning for innovation and keeping up with the dynamic market benefits both us as a company and you the consumer.

Fact Based Decision Making

All decision making is based on the factual information and data material collected thorough analysis and extensive research.

Continuous Improvement

We adhere to improve and revolutionize continuously in pursuit of rationalization and high efficiency with practical spirit.

Deliver Result

We pursue excellence and we believe this as the important standard of work.

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