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Himalayan Salt Crystal Stone

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  • Salt and religion

    The Romans may have paid their soldiers with salt but no one can doubt the use of salt in Religion. Various religions have used salt to symbolize life eternal including Christianity.

    There are even Biblical references to salt. According to ‘Strong's Concordance, there are forty-one matches in thirty five verses which reference salt in the English translation of the King James Bible, the earliest being the valley of Siddim which is the Salt sea followed by the story of Lot's wife, who was turned into a pillar of salt when she disobediently looked back at the wicked cities of Sodom . In the New Testament, Matthew 15:3, Jesus speaking to his disciples, “You are the salt of the earth.” It is commonly believed that he was telling them how valuable they were. Their real value lay within them, as spirit or soul. He was reminding them not to pay too much attention to the physical body, but give higher regard to their spiritual essence.

    Interestingly, what remains when a human body is cremated is nothing but a pile of salt. Salt has a long history of use in rituals of purification, magical protection, and blessing. Salt has been used throughout the ages as a ward against negative energies or evil spirits. It has even been used to seal covenants! In Germany, salt was put into the corners of the home where newlyweds were to reside to dispel any “bad” or negative energy.

    In Jewish tradition, they dip their “Challah” or bread in salt on Sabbath. We remember in the Old Testament that Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt. Again, there is reference to salt as a basic elemental component of the physical body. How about the word “salvation”? Sal is Latin for salt where salt has been used traditionally in the Catholic Church for a number of purifying rituals. Take a close look at Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of The Last Supper. You’ll see how Jesus’ disciple, Judas, has spilled over a bowl of salt, an absolving and an omen of the evil or wrong deed about to be perpetrated. We still keep this tradition alive today when we throw a pinch of salt over our shoulder to ward off any evil spirit that may be behind our backs.

    In one of the Hadith recorded in Sunan Ibn Majah, Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said that: "Salt is the master of your food. God sent down four blessings from the sky - fire, water, iron and salt. In the modern day, even Sumo wrestlers of Japan throw salt into the ring before a match to purify and sanctify the area and drive away any evil spirits. Some religions are still using salt in their daily rituals and this will probably go on for as long as mankind will be on this earth.

    we could not list all the references of the same since there are many and we welcome your questions in our forum if you want to know more about Salt and religion.

  • Natural salt Vs Table salt

    Living in a scientific world where reasoning is more appealing than long held perceptions. Today scientific research makes more sense than just theories.Salt and nutrition is one such notion that has been contested for long and many have believed sea salts to be pure and deliver vital minerals.

    So out experts got down to finding the truth. They explored the nitty-gritty of salts and went as deep as their crystals to excavate the truth through their research on Original Himalayan Crystal salt

    And here are the results!

    Salt Crystals Comparision Results

    For long, people had believed sea salt to be a pure, high quality of salt and a powerful alternative to the table salt. Their belief was strongly based on the fact that natural crystallization of salts in sea water helped the crystals to stay pure and easy to assimilate.

    However, the results scientifically found were far from that belief. Factoring in the alarming rate of chemical, toxic waste and oil spills polluting the sea waters, the natural process has been interfered drastically by adulterants and manual purification of sea salt has become a large scale process. Thus decreasing the nutrients significantly and even resulting in negative biophysical frequency, which makes it difficult for the human body to digest it.

    The microscopic study showed irregular and isolated crystalline structures disconnected from the natural element, signifying the presence of adulterants which hinder true crystallization and thus force a lot of burden on human body for vitalize these minerals it may be containing.

    So if asked whether the sea salt is a result of real natural crystallization, one can negate that theory since much of the sea salt HAS TO BE PURIFIED, or it will remain deadly.

    What this means is that the body's net gain is small compared to the great loss of energy.

    Common table salt, on the other hand, had its own share of negatives. What the research found out was alarming to say the least. The crystals looked disarrayed and in structures, which cost a lot of net energy loss for its digestion. Since table salt is only 98% sodium chloride and remaining is chemicals such as fluoride, chlorogen acid, thiozynate and potassium iodide, the research revealed that common table salt contained traces of chemicals that can create havoc on our health and cause a myriad of maladies.

    Finally The Only Perception That Held Its Ground!

    Salt and health have been for long associated with each other. Natural crystal salt or rather the Himalayan natural salt has been believed to have both therapeutic as well as nutritive powers. The research confirmed it too.

    A microscopic view of  Natural Himalayan salt showed that the crystalline structure of crystal salt is well balanced and crystals are not isolated from the other 84 elements. This enables human body to metabolize them easily and gain more energy as opposed to zero energy loss.

    How We Help You Stay Fit

    We offer you only the purest form of salt available on earth. Packed and unaltered Himalayan crystal salt doesn’t impede the digestive process and do not affect the blood pressure as well. The crystals of Sileo Natural Salt are balanced in such a way that they do not let any complex structure form between molecules and thus keep its digestion easy.

    It won’t be an overstatement to say there is no salt as holistic, pure, therapeutic and nutritive as Original Himalayan crystal salt that we deliver under our brand Sileo Natural Salt crystal. It’s the highest grade of natural salt.  It is hand mined, hand-washed and hand-crushed. Under the electron microscope, crystal salt has a perfect crystalline structure. Crystal Salt is not an environmental pollutant. Crystal salt is immune to electromagnetic fields. There is no limited shelf life and no need for silica packets to prevent clumping.

    Benefits of Sileo Natural Salt

    It is scientifically known that people consuming natural crystal salts are found to have better health than those who consume sea salt or table salt. This happens as regular consumption of Himalayan crystal salt helps people intake higher levels of minerals and help in balancing the electrolytes in fluids, assist proper nutrients absorption and toxin elimination.

    Sileo natural salt is indeed an essential nutrient, with exceptional abilities and qualities that are fundamental to keeping the body in balance. It is like a whole food, much like fruit, vegetable, grains and water. Sileo Natural Salt helps in

           1. regulating the water content throughout your body 2.balancing excess acidity from your cells, particularly the brain cells 3.balancing your blood sugar levels and helps to slowdown the aging process 4.assisting in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells of the body 5.absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract 6.helps in clearing mucus plugs and phlegm from the lungs 7.useful in asthma and cystic fibrosis 8.acts as a strong natural antihistamine and helps clear up congestion in the sinuses 9.prevention of muscle cramps 10.making the structure of your bones firm - osteoporosis can occur when the body

               needs more salt and takes it from the bones 11.regulating your sleep - it is a natural hypnotic 12.Maintaining the libido 13.preventing varicose veins and spider veins on your legs and thighs 14.stabilizing irregular heartbeats - in conjunction with water it is actually essential fo

                 the regulation of the blood pressure 15.boosting the body energy 16.maintaining dental hygiene 17.balancing PH Balance

    Sileo natural crystal salt can also be used for gargling, food seasoning and for dressing wounds.

    To start trying it and working towards a healthier tomorrow for yourself and family, order your pack now

  • history of salt

    We take salt daily in our diets but do we really know the history of salt? In the beginning, early man never needed to take salt in their diet. After all, he had enough salt from the animal food and blood that he took every day.

    This was not to last for long after man started moving towards agriculture and domesticated animals. By doing this, there was a need to add salt both for seasoning and also to get the daily nutritional requirements.

    Besides being valued as a seasoning, we discovered the ability of salt to preserve food. This freed us from our dependency on seasonal availability of food as we could now preserve our food. This opened the possibility for travelling and carrying our food with us.

    Roman times

    The time came when salt became extremely rare and valuable and was even used as a unit of monetary exchange. The early Romans controlled the price of salt and would increase the price to fund their wars then reduce the price so as to make salt available to the common citizen. In fact, Roman soldiers were paid in salt.

    The word salary comes from the Latin world salarium, which means payment in salt. Sal is Latin for salt. This is also the time when the phrase “worth ones salt” originated. The Romans actually built roads specifically for making the transportation of salt more convenient. One such road, the Via Salaria, led from Rome to the Adriatic Sea, where salt was produced by evaporating sea water, a common method still used today.

    American History

    There are stories surrounding salt throughout American history. Salt is thought to be a major factor in the outcome of many wars fought on American soil. During the Revolutionary War, the British used Americans who were loyal to the British crown to intercept the rebels' salt supply. This action destroyed the rebels’ ability to preserve food. During the War of 1812, soldiers in the field received salt brine as payment because the government was too poor to pay them with money.

    Prior to Lewis and Clark’s expedition to the West, President Jefferson referred in his address to Congress about a mountain of salt believed to lie near the Missouri River, which would have been of enormous value if the two pioneers could verify the story.

    Modern Day History

    Probably the best known story about salt and its power on human life was Mahatma Gandhi.

    The British controlled the trade of salt among most of the world. The British monopoly on the salt trade in India dictated that the sale or production of salt by anyone but the British government was a criminal offence punishable by law. It became illegal for any Indian to produce salt. They were forced to buy their salt from the British government even though salt was readily available to coastal area dwellers.

    As an act of defiance to the British colonial rulers, Mahatma Gandhi organised the famous "salt march", in 1930 as a show of defiance to the British colonialist. Soon after, British rule came to an end in India.

  • what is salt

    We all know salt is essential for maintaining osmotic pressure and other bodily functions. But have you ever asked yourself about what salt really is? After all, salt is not only about making food taste good, many salt and religion comparative studies have held salt in high regards for its influence on the religion and its ritualistic significance.

    Technically, it is a mineral packed with sodium chlorides. Its chemical formula is NaCl, which stands for both the elements present in each crystal: sodium and chlorine.

    Besides, these two elements, a naturally synthesized salt contain rich deposits of other vital elements as well. A natural and holistic salt crystal contains as many as 82 natural occurring minerals elements. What nature gives is a pure natural compound with more vital mineral elements than you can ever get in the regular table salt.

    It’s just unfortunate that such powerful elements are filtered out in the regular processing of table salts that we consume daily. In fact, by filtering out the minerals, commercial companies increase the aggressiveness of the salts and force the body to dispose off a lot of energy to Metabolize it. It is scientifically proven that the net energy gain is too low for table salt as compared with Himalayan natural salt, which has perfect crystals and are easily digested.

    Now the BIG question, do we get Himalayan Salt now a day?

    This is where Sileo comes in to picture. As a company, we strive to present you with the holistic salt that nature has gifted us with and in the process open up a world of therapeutic effects that each grain of natural Himalayan salt has.

    We ensure that you get access to such pure holistic, unadulterated, non chemical-ized, unrefined, unprocessed grains of natural crystal salt that no table salt or common salt pack can ever deliver.

    We ensure that each grain of salt deliver you rich amount of vital minerals and elements that you do not have to supplement through artificial tablets, herbal shakes and the likes. In short, natural Himalayan salt delivers you a wholesome food, one that lets you stay healthier and your body stay fit.

    The Primal Sea and Natural Himalayan Salt Connection

    We know what importance the Primal Sea has for our life. Primal Sea is where all forms of life originated from. It is the basis of all our surviving humans and animals today.

    Natural salt was a rich component of the saline waters, which evaporated over 250,000,000 years ago. Fortunately, the same original salt which is wholesome, natural, unaltered and crystallized is coming back to us from an exclusive mine in Himalayan Mountains. These are exactly identical to the elements of which our bodies have been made and originally found existing in the "primal ocean" from where all life originated.

    Sileo is making humungous initiatives in bringing that rich salt form in its pristine form to your dining table.

    Coming from such rich source of life itself, natural crystal salts are such a vital constituent for any food that ignoring them only leads to consuming toxic salt products that most commercial companies market with aplomb!

    In fact, various Salt and Health studies have found out startling facts about how dangerous consuming regular table salt can be. Most of them have concluded that if there is any high quality of salt present in the environment, it has to be the natural crystallized Himalayan salt with rich minerals and beneficial properties such as perfect crystal shape, high percentage of mineral elements and unaltered composition.

    Sileo has found out the exclusive source of such rich, holistic, wholesome and natural Himalayan salt and you can order your pack of natural salt now.

    SILEO™ salt tastes, looks, feels, cooks, and interacts with your body differently than sea or table salt.

    SILEO™ salt is truly a salt that is good for you -- a salt that revitalizes and awakens the senses!

  • salt and beauty

    Here is some good news for people who value beauty a lot and always want to look their best.

    Natural salt and water mixed together form a highly effective beautification solution called Sole that can be used to cleanse skin and preserve its texture. The best part is that it costs much lesser than top of the range cosmetic products and yet delivers comparable results.

    The secret combination has been in existence for as long as cosmetics made way into different cultures. As per records, Egyptians women knew about various cosmetic methods even in those early days. They understood how to keep their skin shining all by natural methods. They relied on various methods including using natural salt and water known as Sole or Solay to keep their skin good.

    Beauty, Health And Salt

    Beauty, salt and health are all entangled with each other from the beginning of time. In fact beauty stems from a good health. If you stay healthy, you stay beautiful. To make sense of this, imagine how it feels when you catch a harmless disease such as common cold. Feel how bad you feel. Staying fit and healthy therefore becomes the prerequisite for beauty as well.

    Salt is one of the most important building blocks of life; along with water. Salt and water make our body function well and bring out the beauty from within. They keep body fit and thus it radiates good health.

    So how do we get you beautiful?

    Using our Sileo Natural Bath salt in your daily bath, you will achieve flawless and sparkling skin, which radiates both health and beauty.

    In the fabled book “Water and Salt, The Essence of Life”, it is cited that using Sole or the combination of natural Himalayan crystal salt and water during bath enables the skin to absorb water.

    Salt is very important in allowing the skin to take in water. Compared to a regular bath, Sileo Natural Salt does not only cleanse the skin from dirt and impurities but also rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin for a smoother and supple skin. When you use artificial soap for exfoliation, it actually dries up the water in your skin; making the skin dry and rough. Therefore, a lot depends on the quality of salt as well.

    Himalayan Salt Therapy

    Experience the ultimate experience of this Natural Salt Therapy that will revitalize your mind and body, as well as your spirit.

    You can choose from different Sileo Natural Soothing Bath Salts. There is the Sileo Sooting Salt Crystal Bar  and Natural Bath salt Crystal which is perfect for everyday bath. This wonderful product from Sileo Natural Salt will bring back the natural texture of your skin as opposed to dry and damaged skin caused by over use of products with high amount of chemicals.

    Continuous use of Sileo Natural Salt Crystal  Bar has other benefits as well. It will aid in relieving pain in hurting joints and muscles. Once the skin absorbs the natural crystal salt, it will penetrate deep down in your body and reduce the certain effects of dehydration.

    Sileo Natural Salt Crystal  Bar is not your ordinary beauty bar since it has extraordinary capabilities that not every beauty product has. Sileo Natural Salt brings back the natural flow of substances within the body to avoid harmful effects of patronizing commercial products. Sileo Natural Salt will allow your skin to repair on its own without having to use chemicals which we thought were good to our skin.

    So try the soap and experience a soothing and relaxing bath. Mix the salt crystals in your bath tub and see for yourself that salt has amazing effects that only few people knew and believe.

    Natural Crystal Salt is Finding Takers across the Globe

    Popularity of Sileo Himalayan Bath salt crystal has reached Europe and America and an increasing number of people are using the natural crystal salt for its therapeutic as well as cosmetic properties. The Himalayan bath Salt is very gentle on the skin and you will not have problems with skin irritation that causes red scars.

    The Sileo Natural Salt Bar is also a good remedy for different skin irritations and certain infections brought about by bacteria since salt is known for its ability to kill bacteria. It is a natural disinfectant.

    Himalayan Natural Salt and Therapy

    Sileo Natural Salt Crystal Bar is also effective for the following problems:

    • Rheumatism
    • Gynecological infections
    • Insect bites
    • Post Surgery Care
    • After Shave

    The Sileo Natural Salt Crystal Bar is a perfect remedy to get rid of dark spots, pimples, blackheads, and rashes in the skin. For removing dark spots, pimples and whiteheads, scrub the problem area within the face with Sileo Natural Crystal bar soaked in warm water for a couple of minutes then allow it to be absorbed by the skin before rinsing. For best results, you can use it early in the morning and before going to sleep.

    Sileo Natural Salt Crystal  Bar is also perfect for relieving prickly heat. Soak Sileo Crystal Salt Bar in warm water and gently massage it on the affected area for about 15 minutes before rinsing. After rinsing, apply Sole and allow it to last up to 15 minutes.

    Sileo Natural Salt Crystal is also very helpful in cleaning wounds. You can wash your wounds with sole before covering up with a clean bandage.

    So order Natural Salt Crystal Bar or our Natural Bath Salt Crystal now and experience for yourself how beauty, salt and health are interconnected.

  • salt and water

    Let’s face it. Medicines may take a new leap everyday but they still might do enough. While they can cure a lot of diseases; they cannot cure all.

    Millions of people die from various heart and pulmonary diseases. Out of those who survive; the survival rate is another big question. Not many live long.

    Drinking plenty of water alone is not a remedy or prevention of different kinds of diseases. In order for water to penetrate and stay inside our body, it needs salt.

    According to the book of Dr. Badmanghelidj who wrote the book “Water Cures: Drugs Kill,How water cured incurable disease” we are in an era of medical blindness since we are on a direction where medicine is not a cure but a temporary relief for many diseases.

    According to him, our organs need a certain amount of water in order to perform its function well, and when there is a deficiency of water; the organ causes pain. One single doctor cannot diagnose your case immediately especially when the pain points to a particular organ, you may have to consult one specialist to another; causing you to take different medicines. Dr. Badmanghelidj said that diseases are effects on a chain of effects caused by dehydration “our body is crying for water”.

    Common diseases such as heart burn, rheumatism, low back pain, Angina, Migraine, a lot more ailments are manifestations of deficiency of water inside our body. Very few people know that these diseases can be reversed by resorting to the natural way of medication, and that is by rehydrating your body.

    Salt and water should always be together since absence of one causes chaos to your body. Any disease can be reversed for as long as your body stays prepared to fight it out. Even if you do not feel any pain or problem in your body, ensure that you take the right amount of salt and water. Remember prevention is still better than cure.

    Is Modern Medication Effective?

    The fact is you can cure medical complications with various natural elements than just synthesized medicines. In fact not one but various scientific researches have indicated the interconnectivity between salt and heath. Many scientific researches carried out onsalt and nutrition have concluded very clearly the need to consume salt in optimum levels to keep the organs working as well as maintain the osmotic pressure within the body.

    And if one thinks that only modern science had the empirical means to study salt and health closely then think again. Fact is one of the oldest remedy that ancient people used is the combination of Salt and Water or known as “Sole” pronounced as ‘’So-Lay’’. It was used for various medical purposes because of its known good effects on the body.

    How do you get Your Pack of Sole?

    Had it not been for the persistent efforts of few men; natural Himalayan salt and its mystical powers would have remained untapped. But things are different now.

    With Sileo Natural Salt crystal; you get your pack of Crystals for Sole as easily as a breeze. Simply order it from here.

    Sileo Natural Salt Crystal offers only the natural Himalayan Salt Crystal, hand mined and carefully packed without employing any artificial method to preserve its natural component. Sea-salt or the usual Common Table salt that we use is far different from Sileo Natural Salt.

    By taking in the appropriate amount of salt and water; you can ensure good health and a fit body. Since salt is essential to maintain the water outside all cells in the body; it ensures that the two Ocean in our bodies are balance and prevent dehydration that cause other maladies.

    Salt and Water solution can also be an excellent way on cleaning our skin to remove impurities and living microorganisms that cause infection and different skin diseases. Salt and Water as disinfectant was used even in the ancient times. Salt and water are very effective in cleaning open wounds and kill bacteria.

    Why Consuming Natural Salt is Important

    Our bodies do not synthesize salt on their own and therefore we need to consume it. Salt that we commonly use today is manufactured with a lot of additives and chemicals. This is where observing the quality of salt becomes crucial.

    This is where Sileo natural salt stands out.

    It is special since it has all the essential minerals that salt must have. Due to extreme commercialization and salt’s general use, the production of salt for industries has been prioritized, and has moved away from the more important use of natural salt. Today you don’t get natural salt anymore; you get ‘chemical-ized’ versions of it.

    Sileo Natural Salt with water can deliver vital nutrients in the body as confirmed by various scientific researches.  Natural Himalayan Salt is free from any artificial process so you can be sure that the salt you use will not only give you the best flavor and taste; but will give your body what it really needs.

    What is SOLE?

    Sole is not a cure; rather it is a basic necessity for the existence of life. Different diseases can manifest due to deficiency of water and salt or dehydration.  With Sole you ensure that situation doesn’t arise.

    In our digestive system, salt is needed for digestion. In absence of the right amount; high acid in the digestive system could develop. To prevent this from happening, one should take the right amount of salt and water in the system, and remember not to use just the common salt bought anywhere; rather use natural Himalayan salt to get faster and better results.

    If your body has the correct amount of salt and water, your body will have better nerve coordination, good digestion, properly hydrated body, and better absorb the minerals.

    To get yourself healthy and strong; buy a pack of Sole now and ensure your body never cries for water or salt and keeps working smoothly for longer times.

  • salt and health

    Sileo Natural salt keeps you healthy for long; reduces diseases; keep you fit and going!

    Salt is the basis necessity of all life’s form. There can be no life without salt and this is why being careful about what quality of salt you let in your body becomes crucial for your health. Consuming natural crystal salts in regular meals therefore ensures that you stay away from the impurities of synthesized salts and stay healthy.

    Consuming natural Himalayan salt also ensures that your body stays immune towards the lethal imbalance of positive and negative charges; caused by the galore of electromagnetic equipments present all around us.

    Salt as a Cure

    Salt lets the body function properly. Many salt and nutrition studies have confirmed it. Right from maintaining the osmotic pressure to helping each body organ perform to its optimum; salt plays a crucial role in everything we do.

    Using natural Himalayan salt as an alternative method to cure different diseases has existed for many years; however with the aggressive marketing of synthesized medicines; popularity of salt as a medicine has taken a beating. Blame it on the commercialized society or people’s penchant to have faster results; people have overseen and neglected the power that natural Himalayan salt has in its every granule.

    However things have changed a little in the recent times with more and more people turning towards nature for finding permanent cures. In the same stead; Himalayan natural salt from Sileo Company Kenya Ltd has gained popularity in Africa, Europe and America because of the wonderful health benefits it brought to many people. And it’s fast catching up. The reasons are obvious. It does WORK.

    Wellness Salons and Use of Natural Himalayan Salt

    While people have found out the true jewels of how salt and beauty are related; concepts of salt being a crucial component for health are catching up. In fact innumerable wellness salons and spas have started offering different methods of wellness therapies centered on salt therapy.

    Sileo Natural Salt has been at the forefront of this revolution. With holistic natural crystals hand mined and no additives; Himalayan natural salt has reignited hopes of many to live healthier and stronger; naturally.

    So if you too want to reap the benefits of natural holistic salt; order your packet of natural salt now. Shift from using table salt to Sileo Natural Salt and take a wise step towards a healthier diet.

    If you are yet not convinced; let us give you some more reasons to try the holistic natural Himalayan salt and find for yourself the benefits.

    Natural Salt helps maintain PH Balance

    Salt is needed by our body in order to maintain PH balance. Unfortunately with our markets flooded with unhealthy food; it has become hard to maintain a healthy diet. This leads us to consume substances that develop various deficiencies of nutrients and minerals that we need. Synthesized food we eat and drink makes our body acidic. To prevent acidity, one should have an adequate amount of salt and water in the body to neutralize acidity. Extreme acidity results in dangerous diseases that may lead to irreversible effects if not remedied. Natural salt can ensure this doesn’t happen.

    Vital Food Seasoning

    Salt is one of the most basic seasoning found in every kitchen. Salt gives flavor to food and is a very effective preservative and cleaning agent. Commercial salt give you burning effect, but Sileo Natural salt gives you a sweet flavor and a healthier body. Natural salt and the artificial one are both salty, but it is not the taste that is important, you put salt in your food not just to add flavor but to add nutrients and minerals as well. Natural crystal salts are rich in that department with almost all life saving nutrients.

    Dental Hygiene

    During the days when toothpaste was not yet invented, people used salt for cleaning the mouth. Salt is one of the first natural antiseptic and is perfect for cleaning mouth and strengthening teeth. Salt and water is a very affective way in relieving sore throat. Gargling Natural salt with water is a natural way of killing bacteria and germs that cause different problems including bad breathe.

    Salt Helps in Healing Wounds

    It was Alexander the great who first discovered the wonders of natural Himalayan salt in healing our wounds. It was during his great battles in India when some of his men got wounded and sought refuge in the Himalayan cave where salt crystals were found. Upon staying inside the cave of salt crystals, it was noticed that the wounds healed rather faster than usual. It was the salt! So after the war, Alexander the great ordered his men to Start mining The Himalayan salt Crystal.

    Enhances Blood Circulation

    The minerals found in Sileo Himalayan Natural Salt crystal if taken in adequate amount enhances one’s blood circulation, thus also enhancing nerve coordination. With natural salt, the nutrients in the brain are carried and circulated in the body. The salt in our body helps in transmitting signal from the brain to different parts of the body; it contains elements necessary for stimulating the brain.

    Salt and Blood Pressure

    Sileo Natural Salt is recommended for people who have high blood pressure. It was a common misconception that salt is responsible for the occurrence of high blood pressure and pulmonary diseases.  According to Dr. Badmanghelidj’s scientific research on salt; salt and water can normalize the blood pressure. Dr. Badmanhelidj explains that hypertension is a manifestation of dehydration that there is not enough water in the blood vessels that are essential in the transmission of water in to all cells in our body. Increase in blood pressure is an occurrence directly related to reverse osmosis.

    Natural Preservative

    Going back to the old times, salt has been used by our ancestors in preserving their food. Salt is a natural food preservative because it delays the breakdown and decay of organic particles. It was also found out that even the ancient Egyptians used salt for mummification. In every region in the world salt was used as the primary preservative for meat, fish, and dried fruits. Salt has been a necessary element in the development of modern society.

    Consuming the chemical free and hand mined natural Himalayan salt therefore can ensure that you stay as close to nature as it can get and stay away from all the maladies that commercialized sea-salt can cause.

    Order your packet of Himalayan salt now and live healthy and strong. In each pack of Sileo natural salt you would find all the important nutrients that your body needs.

    Order it now!




  • salt and nutrition

    I wish I could share that. I wish that you, for even one moment, could experience the transformational, life-giving power of this unique salt. I am extremely pleased to be able to offer you what I consider to be the healthiest salt on the planet. You won't find better quality anywhere.  It's time for a Change!

    Sileo Natural salt crystal is comprised mainly of the two elements, sodium and chloride, as well as 82 other stable minerals.

    Chloride is a chemical the human body needs for metabolism (the process of turning food into energy). It also helps keep the body's acid-base balance. The amount of chloride in the blood is carefully controlled by the kidneys. Chloride ions have important physiological roles. For instance, in the central nervous system, the inhibitory action of glycine and some of the action of GABA relies on the entry of Cl− into specific neurons.

    Also, the chloride-bicarbonate exchanger biological transport protein relies on the chloride ion to increase the blood's capacity of carbon dioxide, in the form of the bicarbonate ion.

    Sodium ions (often referred to as just "sodium") are necessary for regulation of blood and body fluids, transmission of nerve impulses, heart activity, and certain metabolic functions. Interestingly, although sodium is needed by animals which maintain a high blood sodium concentration and extracellular fluid sodium concentration, the ion is not needed by plants, and is generally phytotoxic. A completely plant-based diet, therefore, will be very low in sodium.

    This requires some herbivores to obtain their sodium from salt licks and other mineral sources. The animal need for sodium is probably the reason for the highly-conserved ability to taste the sodium ion as "salty."

  • quality of salt

    Let’s first start from the basic question: What is Salt? 

    Is it just a saline compound or there is more to it?

    The fact is salt is no less than an elixir for life!

    Right from maintaining the osmotic pressure to delivering essential electrolytes for perfect functioning of cells and organs, without salt there cannot be a fit and healthy human body. However it’s also one of those essential minerals that we ignore to a point that end up suffering from various maladies that can be easily avoided.

    Table salt delivers essential sodium and chloride ions needed for the human body. However, the body needs more minerals than just these two, absence of which results in various muscular and osmotic disturbances, lethargy, lapse of concentration, low appetite and an overall poor health.

    This is where a rather holistic and wholesome salt that comes from the earth and contains all the minerals can help.

    It comes by the name of Sileo Natural Salt!

    What Can Be More Pure Than Himalayan Salts!

    Imagine a salt that is not artificially processed, rather is a result of a gradual crystallization over millions of years, absorbing all the powerful minerals present in the environment, right from the first element of the periodic table to the last, barring the inert gases.

    Natural crystal salts or the better known Himalayan crystal salts are, therefore, more than just saline crystals; they are complete food instead. Many studies regarding salt and nutrition have confirmed that.

    Himalayan crystal salts stand out when it comes to staying healthy. These natural Diamond crystals deliver a comprehensive range of minerals needed to sustain a healthy body. Sileo Natural salt is 100% Pure - Contains 84 "natural" elements needed by the body: hydrogen, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluoride, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicum, phosphorus, sulfur, chloride, calcium, scandium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, gallium, germanium, arsenic, selenium, bromine, rubidium, strontium, yttrium, zirconium, niobium, molybdenum, ruthenium, rhodium palladium, silver, cadmium, indium, tin, antimony, tellurium, iodine, cesium, barium, lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium, hafnium, tantalum, tungsten, rhenium, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, mercury, thallium, lead, bismuth, polonium, astatine, francium, radium, actinium, thorium, protactinium, uranium, neptunium and plutonium.

    Why You Can Not Compromise On Salts

    To understand this, imagine what happens when you go out in sunny conditions and come back home all perspired and tired.

    What do you think causes that tiredness? Is it the Sun or there is something else?

    The fact is every time you sweat, you let go of important portion of body salts, which keep you ticking, giving you muscular agility, nimbleness, perfect blood circulation, active stimulus to response and overall osmotic balance. This is why sportsmen take salt tablet and fluids to maintain the osmotic pressure and bodily functions. When you let go of these salts, you let go of an overall health and therefore feel tired.

    You also need salt for maintaining the right amount of hydrochloric acid, essential for digestive tracts.

    Salt As a Medical Instrument!

    Yes, this is true. Just as how human body is checked for sufficient amount of RBC and WBC for immunity, regular health examinations also carry out separate tests on the amount of sodium content in blood. This is one of the basis tests for gauging health. A fit human carries around 0.9% of sodium chloride in blood.

    Another test done on the salinity of perspiration is also a gauge for cystic fibrosis, which is the deficiency of cells to absorb the needed moisture. It is caused by deformed proteins that hinder the chloride outside cells to attract moisture. Types of Salt And The Best of Them All

    Nature loves variety and it is abundant with salts. While all may taste saline, they may still differ in properties and nutrients.

    This is why knowing which one is the holistic of them all and delivers most minerals gets crucial. After all, when there are options, there is always one which is the best!

    Ideally there are four types of salts:

    • Fleur de sel
    • Seasalt
    • Common table salt
    • Himalayan crystal salt known as Halite

    Now here is the big heart breaker!

    The common table salt we all use is one of the poorest qualities. It is so because it contains additives, which as per various scientists; deliver more harmful effects than positives. Addictives are used to improve flow properties of the salt and fortify salt with iodine. But what it does is increase the aggressiveness on the salt and cause dehydration that open rooms to other killer diseases.

    Bad, isn’t it?

    On the other hand, natural salt, with its super fine crystals, is already rich of these natural minerals and therefore doesn’t need artificial ones to fortify it. The fine structure also makes them easily digestible.

    Himalayan Natural Salt therefore is the smart choice when you need the best to go inside your body. This notion is confirmed by the research conducted by Dr. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira, in their bestselling book “Water & Salt: The essence of life”, where they demonstrate that Himalayan natural salt crystal is the best quality salt in the world!

    How Is Sileo Natural Salt Crystal different from other salt?

     Sileo Natural salt crystal is a packed Himalayan natural salt and therefore contains all the rich properties nature endues the crystal salt over millions of years.

    It is:

    • Un-Processed - Sileo Natural Himalayan salt is hand mined, hand- selected hand-washed and hand-crushed
    • Pure- It is the highest grade of natural salt - containing ZERO artificial chemicals
    • Perfectly symmetrical - Under an electron microscope, crystal salt has a perfect crystalline structure 
    • pH Balancing – it has an alkalizing effect 
    • Pivotal – Sileo Natural Himalayan salt crystal is immune to electromagnetic fields 
    • Pristine - Himalayan Crystal Salt is not an environmental pollutant 
    • Priceless - There is no limited shelf life and needs no silica packets to prevent lumping 
    • Physical Health – abundant, to say the least 
    • Proven – The only salt to have even undergone clinical study 
    • Pioneer – the first natural salt to bear the KEBS mark of standardization


    SILEO™ salt tastes, looks, feels, cooks, and interacts with your body differently than sea or table salt. SILEO™ salt is truly a salt that is good for you -- a salt that revitalizes and awakens the senses!


    So, if you want to book good health for yourself, order Sileo Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt now and you will soon feel the difference change of salt gets you.


    Research has shown that salt can be injurious to health as consumption of too much salt can be a cause of heart disease. Further research has shown that too much usage of salt can also be harmful for brain health.
    Researchers have found out that the salt intake by around 1,264 healthy men and women of ages 68 to 87 has led to poor cognitive performance. Furthermore, high amount of salt contributes to high blood pressure and this may cause stroke.
    These are the things that we have always heard. ‘Salt is bad for your health’ has become a motto of our life, as adage that is taught to us since the very beginning of our adulthood to ensure our healthy diet. Further research has shown that the cause of higher strokes and high blood pressure has no connection with high intake of salt. People from different countries like Japan, Hawaii, Scotland, America and Finland, have carried out advance research and have concluded that there have been no improved health outcomes for those people who are on low salt diets.

    Statistics reflecting the importance of high-salt diet:

    •    A research was carried out by Hawaiian Japanese and they concluded that there is no relation between high salt intake and the occurrence of stroke. This research was carried out by about 8000 men.
    •    Then a US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey was undertaken for a period of over twenty years which reflected the fact that people on a low-salt diet are more prone to heart attacks than those on normal or high salt diet.
    •    An analysis of a Dutch database was carried out in October 2007. This analysis provided some piece of information regarding salt diets and reflected the fact that no benefit has been found out in connection with low-salt diets in reducing heart attack or strokes.

    Scientific Research has further concluded that Natural Salt is the most beneficial salt in human life as it is not related to high blood pressure and strokes.

    Importance of Salt:

    •    Salt is the basic requirement for the proper communication of cells. It is very essential that all the cells are in harmony with each other for the smooth digestion of food.
    •    It is important for the absorption of food particles through our intestines which connects our stomach to the anus.
    •    Salt also prevents muscle cramps and this prevention helps in the relaxation of our body.
    •    Our bones need a proper structure for a proper formation of our body and Crystal salt helps in giving this structure a proper shape.
    •    Salt shortage in the body may lead to osteoporosis, a severe disease of bones which may cause muscle cramps.
    •    Salt intake may also solve sleep disorder problems as it serves as a medication for those who have to face lack of sleep at all times.
    •    Salt intake can also help in preventing heart attacks as real salt can cure chest muscle cramps and one should bear in mind that lack of salt can cause lot of heart diseases.
    •    Salt further helps in the proper functioning of the brain cells and also balances all the elements of blood sugar level.

    Important minerals required to pass through acid in the stomach:

    •    Zinc
    •    Magnesium
    •    Manganese
    •    Selenium
    •    Copper-chromium
    •    Molybdenum

    Low Salt Diet- A Danger for Elderly

    According to a research, a low salt diet can pose great danger for elderly people. A professor in the University of Witten Herdecke in Germany found out in his research that low salt intake showed symptoms of hyponatraemia. These symptoms include:
    •    Loss of balance
    •    Tiredness
    •    Difficulty in concentrating

    These symptoms can lead to confusion and coma if not properly treated.

    Furthermore, sodium deficiency can lead to:
    •    Hallucinations
    •    Nervous disposition
    •    Muscle cramps

    Many people think that reducing the consumption of salt would make them healthy, which is not the case. In fact, entirely opposite happens when people are on a low salt diet as cutting salt is dangerous. Through a research it was found out those dangers from cutting salt.

    Sickness and weakness occurs due to lack of unrefined and organic salt in diet:
    Refined Salt: White Poison – Our main problem with salt is not associated with the salt. The main problem is the type we are eating. There are too much difference between our habitual table salt and original Natural crystal salt. We mainly intake Sodium Chloride for our daily consumption. This is an advent of industrial development, which is chemically cleaned and just decreases the percentage of sodium and chloride.
    There are two or three chemical elements remain in our common table salt, which we use for cooking. There are eighty four (84) chemical element remain in Natural salt. All those elements needed to keep our body healthy. If we only intake common salt, we have deficit of eighty one (81) elements. Thus how we become weaker, unprovoked and more prone to disease. So, we need to use Himalayan  Natural crystal salt.

    Himalayan Crystal Salt:  This is the most philosophical and updated product of salt family in this days. For centuries, the power/information substance, in the form of essential mineral rudiments locked away within these absolutely formed crystals of mineral prosperous salt, were exploited by doctors for treating most every anarchy known to humans, and with unfailing success.
    Recently some biophysicists discovered this ancient knowledge and brought it  in front of us. Dr. Barbara Hendel and biophysicist Peter Ferreira wrote details about this truth in their book named “Water and Salt, The Essence of Life”.

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